Queer 2021: The US Has Nine Backward Steps Per Ten Forward Steps

Pride parade in Los Angeles.

To be queer in the United States of America is similar to having to go to a party without invitation despite helping to organize it. Any new administration that comes in hands you some rights or rudely snatches away the ones that you have just been given. As for several queer people, that have long been the situation in this nation.

In their administration, Vice President Joe Biden and President Barack Obama brought numerous LGBTQ protections, but President Trump removed those over his four-year term. With Biden returning to the administration, he and US Vice President Kamala Harris continue to restore the protections, with a sense of duty, while bringing back respect for LGBTQ people.

Anyhow, people from that community cannot afford to rest on their laurels. They should already know that when a GOP President comes to power next, things would return to a state of no progress. If that happens, LGBTQ people would find it difficult to retain any equality they acquired in healthcare, adoption, housing, and other areas where one’s dignity is easy to be stripped.

Amazingly, as taxpayers, their right to just exist is constantly ready to be taken, and sketchy insurrectionists are the ones who keep a lot of power in attempting to withhold the said rights. The US Supreme Court aids in determining how queer people can live, despite having a rape accused, another person accused of sexual harassment and other morally sketchy jurists. They may not be the ones who should judge which specific human rights cannot be associated with sexualities and which ones can be.

Transgenders are a special target group for the GOP agenda for two main reasons. Firstly, they are vulnerable, and secondly, power-hungry party members can easily gather around and insult them.

To be an African-American transgender under the Trump administration was a situation that caused them to feel like a punching bag. While people who endured that era might not be at peace here, the Joe Biden-Kamala Harris team at least sends messages to celebrate and uplift them. Nevertheless, Governor of Florida Ronald DeSantis spent his first Pride Month day signing an anti-transgender bill at the Trinity Christian Academy. It comes as no surprise that the academy excludes the LGBTQ group.

The GOPs have their transgender mascot in Caitlyn Jenner, but they are not more interested in her than Democratic Party members are. Expecting to remove California’s Governor Gavin Newsom from power, Jenner is an affluent and white American who fakes an ‘I did not realize’ look whenever law enforcement busts her for just being a GOP. Jenner is still against the idea of transgenders competing in gender-specific sporting events, despite participating in a golf tournament for women without any reservation.

Jenner is one of those GOPs with an authoritarian attitude, plus enough funds to escape from unpleasant situations such as fatal car collisions. While Jenner’s reality TV show opened our eyes and offered some education, other transgenders cannot help but accept her unpleasant version. In that regard, Jenner is like gays such as Richard Grenell who damage gay rights as well as African-Americans like Candace Owens who are not good for other Black people.

Think of a situation where your fellow family values contingent comprises them, sex trafficking accused Matt Gaetz, closeted figure Lindsey Graham, and James Jordan who tried to conceal the truth about much abuse. That situation would be the same as Orenthal James Simpson starting some organization known as Be More Kind To Your Better Half.

Liz Cheney is a GOP hero for defying the treacherous lies of Donald Trump, which usually would not appear to be such a brave act. Minority Leader in the US House of Representatives, Kevin McCarthy, and Graham were both going down that route until they flip-flopped on Donald Trump issues. Anyhow, in conceding that the US Presidential Election was no stolen event, the Minority Leader made an unexpected policy reversal on the matter.

Now, in what way is Cheney doing so an issue? The GOP says it more often than she should. Anyhow, in today’s Republican Party, what makes Cheney inspirational of sorts is her disclosure of facts to resist the ouster of democracy. Anyhow, it is worth noting that Cheney has also been a homophobic person who would not even support her lesbian sibling. In a recent rally against Republican Representative Liz Cheney, Cheney’s spokesperson utilized a homophobic slander about men in Wyoming not wearing makeup.

Many years ago, gay student Matthew Wayne Shepard was physically hurt and left dead back in Wyoming. That is what causes the Cheney spokesperson’s comment harrowing to a greater extent than it already is. It turns out that Republican Senator Anthony Bouchard from Wyoming, who plans on competing against Cheney there, has impregnated a teenager as he was also a teen. The two tied the knots, then separated and the girl killed herself. On the other hand, the couple’s son is now accused of committing a sexual act-related crime.

In a pre-emptive way, Bouchard attempted to spin that as a moving story of teens in love. When that happened from Bouchard, Cheney started to appear increasingly better in the public eye. After that, she supports a part of the present wave of GOP voter suppression rules that she also voted for to impeach Donald Trump. In doing so, she is not defining a limit between that disgraceful agenda and Donald Trump’s behavior. That only goes to show one thing: Cheney is the same old person even today.

Thankfully, the US President and VP have been coming across as enlightening and empathetic figures. Some LGBTQ rights are now back with a marked improvement. Therefore, anti-queer celebrities are on the way out. Anyhow, many queer people may not still be ready to celebrate their changing world in the US political milieu. Why? Because they know better. That is why they wish everyone this Pride Month while being circumspect about their immediate and foreseeable future.

Source: https://www.laweekly.com/queer-21-for-every-ten-steps-forward-there-are-nine-back/