Showtime’s Vice Episode Explores Homelessness In Los Angeles

Vice News Los Angeles homeless crisis

Homelessness has been an issue in LA over the last year. It is much worse than before throughout the nation, and the epidemic has only aggravated it. Which are the non-COVID factors in that aggravation, who are affected by it, and which are the actions to tackle it? The Evicted episode of VICE on Showtime looks at the homelessness crisis in LA. For the uninitiated, VICE is a Showtime docuseries nominated for an Emmy award.


The episode has the correspondent for VICE News, namely Ben Solomon, looking at housing insecurity as well as the rise in parking lots and cars as havens. In the event of lifting eviction moratoriums, around 30 million US people could be homeless. The Evicted episode shows that several people live in their automobiles instead of shelters or tents. Almost everyone hopes that it is just a temporary situation, but it is tricky to break the cycle in the pandemic period.