Lady Gaga Opens New Creative Studio In Los Angeles

A musician at lady gaga's new studio

With special importance on the creative expression of one’s ideas as well as a unique style, the cosmetics brand of Lady Gaga has become popular even in the competitive beauty space. The factors in Haus Laboratories’ popularity are the brand’s inventive packaging, attractive formulas and colors, and Lady Gaga’s glamorous marketing appeal. Gaga has always made moves differently, which also applies to her latest business venture in Los Angeles.


The pop star’s cosmetics brand has partnered with Klarna, the shopping application, for an impressive incubator and creative space. Targeted at artists, small yet emerging brands, and influencers, the partnership ‘The Studio by Klarna x Haus Labs’ is partly a workplace and partly a hangout for Haus’s creators. Klarna gave every single one of those creators a $10,000 grant for its and Haus Laboratories mentorship program.


That is quite a beneficial arrangement for the ones who are fortunate to be part of the deal. The space has much to impress Gaga’s fans, including one of her custom Keytar displays on the walls, and some other interactive elements.


The public cannot access the space as of now, and it is exclusively for the Haus staff members and creators. Anyhow, LA Weekly received a few sneak peek photographs of the space, which include the pictures by two mentees from Los Angeles who presently use the amenities there. Those facilities include a glam room, sound stage, and Klarna lounge named ‘Smooth’. Some of the creatives in it and their basic details are as follows.


  • Biddy, who makes YouTube content, and represents stylish women from South Asia with beauty, lifestyle and fashion-related content.
  • Tavaris Jefferson, who got nominated for the 2020 AIA in the emerging makeup artist category. Jefferson got the American Influencer Awards nomination thanks to his enticing content about beauty.


Gaga underlined the importance of making a space with freedom and love for the people in her community to visit and be creative without any rules. She also said that the endeavor wants to lift the creatives from the community up as they keep honing their crafts as well as offer them the required tools to do it.